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If you are seeking to create a beautiful outdoor living space, look no further! We carry a large variety of hard goods which we stock seasonally. Please understand that these are natural materials and the actual product you receive may vary slightly in appearance. If you are concerned, we encourage you to stop by the nursery to see the products firsthand.

All the products below are available for delivery or pickup.


Deliveries are done daily Monday through Saturday and are available in Ada, Cascade, Forest Hills.

Additional charges my be applied for deliveries outside the surrounding areas. 

We do carry a LARGER SELECTION OF PREMIUM STONE* than listed here and we can special order most. 


Contact us for your specific stone needs. 

*quantities and varieties vary throughout the season

How much bark or leaf mulch do I need?

Mulch is sold in full and half cubic yards. 1 Cubic Yard is 27 cubic feet, and covers an area of 81 sq ft. to a depth of four inches. You will typically want two inches to refresh existing mulch, four inches for new mulch.

You must calculate each area you wish to cover individually. If you like to do things by hand, or you have beds with more complicated shapes, you can learn more here. Or give us the measurements and we'll figure it out for you.


For a Square/Rectangular Bed

Cubic Yards:


For a Circular Bed

Cubic Yards:





$60 7-mile radius | $75 7-15 mile radius
Quantity Limits
Mulch – Max per delivery is 15 yds | Soil/Stone – Max per delivery is 6 yds

Our Office Will Contact You To Schedule Delivery.

For Specific Day Requests Please Call To Place Your Order.

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Thank you for your order.

We will contact you with more information about delivery dates.

You need it? We’ll deliver it! Thornapple River Nursery offers delivery of every product we sell.


Our largest truck can haul up to 18 cubic yards of bark product and up to 6 cubic yards of soil or stone per delivery. Our delivery charges are $60.00 per truckload, in our local delivery area.

Our local delivery area is South of Fulton, West of Alden Nash, North of 60th Street and East of the Beltline. If you live outside of our local delivery area the charge will be $75.00 per truckload. Due to the nature of our dump trucks, we are only able to deliver one type of product per truckload (if you order soil and mulch, there would be two delivery fees) as two products would mix during the dumping process. There is no minimum quantity for delivery.

Spring Hours:

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

Call 616-676-0102 For An Appointment

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